What is SharpSight Optic Aid

 As we age the majority of us lose the ability to focus on objects and to adjust our focus as we look at something close and then far away.  If you are looking down the barrel at your open sights on a rifle or handgun and they appear fuzzy, you're a candidate for SharpSight. You also probably find it becomes difficult to switch focus between your front sight and the target. 
To deal with these issues, the SharpSight Optic aid uses a pin hole aperture that creates a greater depth of field and amazingly the sights of your rifle or handgun come into focus and you'll be able to view your target with greater clarity.                        
I have 20-20 vision, however I also need to wear magnified glasses to read the paper.  My shooting glasses are plain plastic lenses and once I attach the SharpSight and look through the pinhole, the sights are back in focus for me.  
My shooting partner is the opposite, he wears prescription glasses and he uses SharpSight on those glasses to bring his rifle or handgun
sights into focus along with the target. 

SharpSight Details

  • SharpSight works with all types of glasses, progressive bi-focals, prescription and non-prescription glasses.​
  • Works with glass or any kind of plastic lenses.
  • ​Attaches with soft silicon suction cup that won't scratch your lenses and is easily removed to clean your glasses.
  • ​SharpSight is extremely lightweight coming in under 1/4 oz so it won't pull your glasses down.
  • SharpSight pivots out of the way when you're done shooting, allowing you to read your targets or have a conversation with someone.  When you're ready to shoot again, simply swing the eyepiece back into position.
  • ​​SharpSight works with all open sights, rifle, pistol or revolver, you can even use it with red dot type sights.
  • Helps you maintain consistent sight alignment each time you bring the rifle or handgun up and look down the sights through SharpSight.